The lecturer and guests are by and large pleased with the venue and services provided.

Thank you many times for your excellent customer service, bravo 'alaik !

Abdullah Othman - 23 Feb 2012

I want to thank you, on behalf of the WSCS ladies, for making it possible for us to have our committee retreat at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel on 29 Oct. The service rendered to us was excellent; your staff was very attentive to our needs. Thank you too, for giving us the use of the Presidential Suite. We were all very pampered!

So, once again, we thank you for your generosity!

Patsy Lee - 30 Oct 2011

Very good job today by hotel staff on our meeting. Everything went very well and please pass along my thanks to all the staff members who assisted us during our meeting. Their effort, and yours, to make our meeting a success is much appreciated and we all look forward to our second day of meeting tomorrow

Bill Rosenthal - 22 Jul 2011